Successful Marriage Tips

Here are some successful marriage tips for the marriage of today with all of its pressures. Work, children, finances and more can all put an immense strain on your marriage without you even realizing that it is happening and before you know it the idea of divorce is appearing on the horizon. To highlight a few ways to stop divorce we have included some free marriage advice to stop divorce below.

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8 tips for a maintaining a successful marriage:

1. Don’t let the small things get in the way and turn into big issues.
The annoying little habits like leaving the top off the toothpaste or leaving clothes lying around etc are not really material for divorce. These things can be worked out, (most times pure acceptance is what is needed – see step 8 )

2. Make major decisions as a couple.
Don’t make major decisions without consulting your partner.
Large purchases, kids schooling and upbringing, job/career plans etc should all be discussed so as neither partner starts to feel dominated and having their decisions duped or ignored.

3. Keep your marriage finely tuned.
Go to occasional couple’s retreats, get away together from time to time and see a marriage counselor (there’s no stigma attached…  it’s for healthy couples too not just for failing marriages) Get your marriage maintained with the help of a professional before you need it as a repair method.

4. Try to schedule regular dates and time together.
A little bit of quality time spent together each day can be highly useful, time for each other when you talk and play together. Also going out on dates can maintain excitement in your relationship.

5. Don’t be afraid to agree to disagree.
There will be some things that you will never both agree on. You just have to accept this and move on.

6. Admit when you are in the wrong if you can.
In every contention there is always a greater good, or the ‘right’ solution. Sometimes, if you let your ego subside a little you might realize that your partner is actually right and much as you have been disagreeing you will have to admit you are wrong. This is a very powerful tool which can strengthen the individual equally as much at it strengthens the marriage.

7. Passion – Give it priority.
Keep the sparkle in your marriage by remaining passionate about your partner. Sometimes the spark can disappear out of a marriage…  With a little passion you CAN bring it back, or if not you can create another different spark…  Passion works wonders.

8. You will not be able to change your partner so you might as well not try.
That way you will avoid a lot of headaches on both sides. Trying to change your partner will give them the idea that they are not wanted ‘as is’.

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If both partners are willing to make a little bit of effort then most problems in any marriage can be overcome. A little bit of maintenance and the willingness to work at it using some of the pointers above and your marriage should not only be safe from divorce but should transform into something that grows stronger with each day.

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