Marriage After Infidelity

Solutions To Stop Divorce

When people get married they never think of divorce. People genuinely get married thinking that it will be for life. Then a few years down the line one of the partners is unfaithful…  can this be forgiven? Is there a solution for a marriage where infidelity has reared its ugly head? Many would answer a resounding NO but it doesn’t have to be the end of the marriage,… it CAN be worked out, although it is not that easy.

Working at a marriage after infidelity has occurred can be very difficult for a lot of couples. You can try to forgive your partner but you will never forget and you may feel that your trust has been shattered and that it can never be regained. The way through this is for both partners to look closely at the marriage and ask why this has occurred. It is certain in a lot of cases that if there was nothing wrong with the marriage then the infidelity wouldn’t have occurred. It is mostly due to existing problems in the marriage that infidelity occurs.

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Whilst the problem is being identified, both partners need to admit the role they play in that problem and that the infidelity was not an intentional act of blatant betrayal. Here are a few guidelines to help you work through infidelity issues that may have arisen and to stop your divorce before it begins.

Advice On Saving A Marriage

Have a Saving a Marriage Talk. Talk and then talk some more…  both partners must be soul wrenchingly honest about all that they feel and be willing to listen to the other partner too. Remember that when the cheating partner is talking that they are giving reasons and feelings associated with the infidelity and NOT excuses.

  • Try not to see the infidelity as a personal attack as much as a plea from your partner.
  • Seek professional help in marriage counselors or couple’s retreats – look for solutions to stop divorce
  • Spent some quality time with each other, take some time out if you can, try to see each other as you did when you first fell in love.

Stop Your Divorce
There are many couples whose marriage survives incidents of infidelity but it takes a lot of determination on both sides and both partners must be 100% committed to making the marriage work again.

As the problem of infidelity is often caused by a buried problem in the marriage which has gone on growing without being aired, then the whole issue of being unfaithful can actually be prevented by regular communication without judgment as you would do before an objective marriage counselor.

Advice on saving a marriage

As divorce is not the only solution to this problem if both partners are willing to work at what they have then many time a good solution can be achieved and often complete reconciliation.

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Solutions to stop divorce:
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